The making of this little blog

I built this site to be as small as possible in size and still realistic to manage. A smaller size means that less energy is required to view it. Although this is not the only aspect of a sustainable website, it is an important one: striving to a minimal page size from the start is essential.

In this post, I explain how this site was built. I try to do it in a non-technical way. But I can not promise anything. So hang on, here we go.

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The purpose of this little blog

I originally built this website for the contest 10k apart. The goal was to go back to the basics of web development and build a website that can be delivered in less than 10 kilobytes (10 kB). The original version of this site is delivered in about 8 kB. As for comparison, an empty Word document is around 11 kB. An average webpage is nowadays more than 3 MB (or 3000 kB)!

The original idea was simple: a site with a small size, and thus a low footprint, about global warming.

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VoilĂ , the first blog post

This is the first of hopefully several interesting blog posts to follow on this site

In future posts, we will explain why and how this site has been made. This blog will be mostly about how technology impacts our climate and how we can do something about it by changing our behaviour. If you want to write for us and have an interesting subject on your mind, please let us know by sending an email to

We hope to see you around! In the meantime, please be sure to join the cause and work together with us on a brighter future.