About the impact of the internet on climate change

And what we can do about it.

Our climate is changing. And not for the better. This is a fact and it is caused by our activities and modern life style. Our growing consumption of digital lead to a giant growth of electricity usage of the world wide web. Since most electricity comes from fossil fuels, the internet has a huge carbon footprint, comparable to air travel. By 2025, it is estimated to become 5 times as large.

WordPress site

Why I built this site?

The idea was to build a site with a small size and a low carbon footprint.

I built this site originally for the contest 10k apart. The goal was to go back to the basics of web development and build a website that can be delivered in less than 10 kilobytes (10 kB). The original version is delivered in about 7 kB. As for comparison, an empty Word document is around 11 kB and an average web page is more than 3000 kB (3 MB)!

The homepage of this WordPress version of the site is delivered in less than 30 kb. Read how this site was built.

A light, yet delightful web page

A minimal website can look dull. A web page that loads in only about 20-30 kb maybe does. But it doesn’t need to. There are different ways you can make a lightweight website look beautiful and give a delightful experience for your visitor. Let’s look at some ideas to design a beautiful website with a minimal environmental footprint.

Read more about making a light web page delightful

This blog is meant to raise awareness about the impact of the internet and other digital services on our planet. Since all these technologies require a lot of electricity, they should be well-designed and used consciously to minimise their negative environmental impact.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Several people have committed to fight global warming. Will you?
We need to do this together!

Read here what you can do.