We can make the web greener, together

The internet is a giant web of interconnected websites. With its freedom of speech, it is probably one of humanity’s most impressive inventions. At least as we build it the right way. However, its growing footprint might tell us otherwise. Why not start today in making it greener? Enter the #LetsGreenTheWeb campaign from ClimateAction.tech.

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How to measure the carbon footprint of a web page

For the most of us it comes as a surprise: our digital activities have a carbon footprint. It is significant and growing rapidly, especially during a pandemic where we are obliged to communicate much more through the internet. It comes from different sources, but it is hard to measure what the actual footprint is. Fortunately, we have tools to measure the carbon footprint of websites.

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Making a web page light and delightful

A minimal website can look dull. A website that loads in only about 20-30 kb, like this one, maybe does. But it doesn’t need to. There are different ways you can make a lightweight website look beautiful and give a delightful experience for the visitor. Let’s look at some ideas to design a beautiful website with a minimal environmental footprint.

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