We can make the web greener, together

The internet is a giant web of interconnected websites. With its freedom of speech, it is probably one of humanity’s most impressive inventions. At least as we build it the right way. However, its growing footprint might tell us otherwise. Why not start today in making it greener? Enter the #LetsGreenTheWeb campaign from ClimateAction.tech.

The campaign is running on Twitter from February 15-19, 2021. The goal is to create consciousness about the internet’s carbon footprint by measuring web pages’ emissions and tweeting about it with the hashtag #LetsGreenTheWeb. And of course, by taking further action, so we can make the internet greener together by:

  1. Sharing the impact of a website
  2. Optimising your website starting here or using sources on this blog.

Globalwarning.blog has only a small carbon footprint, here you can read more about how it was made. I hope it will inspire you to build sustainable websites.

#LetsGreenTheWeb together!

A big thanks to the lead organisers, Hannah Smith and Luís Cruz, and all the fine contributors. 💚
I am proud to have contributed a tiny bit to this campaign.

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